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At Susan Scott Designs, we believe style should be simplified. Everyone should have access to great design without it being overly expensive or fussy. 
Our Services:
  • Design and e-design
  • Project management
  • Room flow and layout
  • Custom/Bespoke decor
  • Styling
  • Room refresh
  • Product sourcing and installation
  • Design consulting

Our Story

Susan Scott was my mother and an icon of style and grace. A creator in her own right, she could whip up a mean Coq Au Vin, effortlessly sew an elegant party kaftan, build a badass campfire, and throw the most stylish dinner parties. She gave me an eye for all that is beautiful. 


My Dad, Corlis Erb gave me an eye for all things design. An architect, he was the job captain for the Watergate Complex, one of DC’s architectural treasures. He filled our home with Knoll furniture and classic Platner tables, timeless pieces that continue to grace the home I share with my husband, three children, and our English cream retriever. 

Tess Amolsch


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